Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Morning At the Store

This is the first in an occasional series where we open the curtains and let you look behind the scenes at Euclid Records. Well, not so much behind the scenes, but you'll understand what we're running around doing.

It's Tuesday morning, new release day. There are about 25 new CDs to put in the bins, and 8 different LPs. They need to be sorted and taken to the floor, with certain titles featured on endcaps, and in the new arrival bin for new LPs. Piece of cake, as far as work goes, but it took about 20 minutes to get everything ready for the customers.

While doing this, the phone rings, most often when I'm at the greatest distance from it. That's alright, answering questions is what we do. And I thought if we shared the calls we get from time to time, it might serve as a frequently asked questions guide for the store. This morning's calls were as follows:

CALLER 1: Do you guys still offer 10% discounts on new releases on Tuesday?

ME: Yes, we do.

CALLER 1: Did you get the new Dan Deacon America album on vinyl?

ME: Yes, we did.

CALLER 1: Great. I'll be in later.

Back to putting things out and the phone rings again.

CALLER 2: Can you do me a favor? Can you see if you have a CD called From Philly With Love on Legacy Records from 1995?

ME (after checking the database): Nope, I'm afraid we don't have that one.

CALLER 2: Well, could you see if it can be ordered?

ME (after checking our supplier's database): Well, it looks as though that album is out of print. Do you have access to a computer?

CALLER 2: No, I don't.

ME: Well, we can get you a used copy of that title very cheap, but we'll add $5 to the $1.87 that it would cost.

Another satisfied customer, and back to the bins. Ring.

CALLER 3: I have a bunch of karaoke CDs that I need to get rid of.

ME: I'm afraid nobody is interested in buying those. Sorry.

Almost done putting everything out, and another call.

CALLER 4: Do you guys have the Frank Ocean album on vinyl?

ME: No, we don't. For some reason, that hasn't been released on vinyl yet.

Now, by this time, I'm done putting out the new releases, but one of our favorite customers, Classic Rock Mike, is ready to check out. He's found a huge pile of used CDs (his favorite stuff to buy), and I've got to pull the envelopes for some 20 discs to put them in their CD cases and ring him up. I told you he's one of our favorite customers. We love all of you, of course, but guys like Mike are essential to the business, because he can be counted on to come in every week and buy a good amount of stuff. One more call and we'll finish for the day.

CALLER 5: Say, do you buy vinyl records?

ME: Yes, we do. What sort of things do you have?

CALLER 5: All kinds of music. I don't have any country and western, though.

ME: Well, you'll have to bring the records in to the store sometime when the store owner is here. He's here most every day between 10 and 5, and you should call on the day you're coming just to make sure he's here that day.

All of this, by the way, was fueled by some swinging and downright luscious music by Hank Crawford, the alto saxophonist who played with Ray Charles in the late 50s, and released terrific records as a leader. The albums More Soul and From the Heart are particularly terrific, and highly recommened.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Best Se;lers Week Ending Aug. 26

 1. Yeasayer - - Fragrant World
 2. Frank Ocean - - Channel
 3. Alabama Shakes - - Boys & Girls
 4. Hot Chip - - In Our Heads
 5. Passion Pit - - Gossamer
 6. Japandroids - - Celebration Rock
 7. Gaslight Anthem - - Handwritten
 8. Turbonegro - - Sexual Harassment
 9. Jeff the Brotherhood - - Hypnotic Nights
10. Fiona Apple - - Idler Wheel

Monday, August 20, 2012

Best Sellers Week Ending Aug. 19

 1.Alabama Shakes - - Boys & Girls
 2. Gaslight Anthem - - Handwritten
 3. Jeff the Brotherhood - - Hypnotic Nights
 4. Antony and the Johnsons - - Cut the World
 5. Fiona Apple - - The Idler Wheel . . .
 6. Black Keys - - El Camino
 7. Japandroids - - Celebration Rock
 8. Frank Ocean - - Channel
 9. Passion Pit - - Gossamer
10. Beach House - - Bloom

Monday, August 13, 2012

 1. Glen Hansard - - Rhythm and Repose
 2. Beach House - - Bloom
 3. Morning Parade - - Morning Parade
 4. Gaslight Anthem - - Handwritten
 5. Frank Ocean - - Channel
 6. Los Straitjackets - - Jet Set
 7. Japandroids - - Celebration Rock
 8. Michael Kiwanuka - - Home Again
 9. Passion Pit - - Gossamer
10. Redd Kross - - Researching the Blues

Monday, August 6, 2012

 1. Purity Ring - - Shrines
 2. Alabama Shakes - - Boys & Girls
 3. Jack White - - Blunderbuss
 4. Sugar - -  Copper Blue + Beaster
 5. Little Feat - - Rooster Rag
 6. Jeff the Brotherhood - - Hypnotic Nights
 7. Michael Kiwanuka - - Home Again
 8. John Maus - - A Collection of Rarities
 9. Adele - - 21
10. Passion Pit - - Gossamer