Monday, February 27, 2012

Best Sellers Week Ending Feb. 26

1. Sleigh Bells - - Reign of Terror
2. Adele - - 21
3. Leonard Cohen - - Old Ideas
4. Galactic - - Carnivale Electricos
5. Skrillix - - Bangarang
6. Lana Del Rey - - Born to Die
7. Various Artists - - 2012 Grammy Nominees
8. Gretchen Peters - - Hello Cruel World
10. Archers of Loaf - - Vee Vee

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Euclid Happenings Feb. 22

Photo by Jim Varvaris

Just a few quick notes to keep you informed about Euclid Records:

ITEM: We've gotten in a sample of the cover for our forthcoming entry in the Euclid Sessions 45 series. It's the Baseball Project, featuring Steve Wynn and Scott McCaughey, recorded live in our New Orleans store. The songs are "El Hombre," an exclusive number about the guy who used to man 1st base in St. Louis, and the updated "Harvey Haddix," with shoutouts to all the perfect games pitched since the song was first recorded. It will be released on Record Store Day, Apr. 21, and the cover is a beautiful lenticular 3-D design by artist Amelie Mancini.

ITEM: Speaking of Record Store Day, details are slowly coming together. We're going to be celebrating all weekend long, from Friday, Apr. 20 through Sunday, Apr. 22. Of course, we'll have our storewide spectacular sale, our ever-popular sidewalk bargains, food and drink for sale from our great neighbors, and tons of live music. So far, we've got confirmations from JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, Judge Nothing, Troubadour Dali, Sleepy Kitty, Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship, The Painkillers, Finns Motel, Black Fast, Sink the Bismark, Jans Project, Magic City, Doom Town and The Tower Groove Revue. But Euclid Joe is manning the phones and the e-mails looking to make it even bigger and better yet!

ITEM: The recent arrival used LP bins are stuffed to the gills with fantastic rarities and popular favorites. Check out the rock section for an overwhelming selection of limited edition live concerts from the likes of the Doors, Bob Dylan, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Patti Smith, and many more. Soul and jazz fans shouldn't be disappointed, either, when they dig through the crates and find gems of all sorts. Not only does music sound warmer and more realistic on vinyl, but there are a lot of things you simply cannot obtain any other way.

ITEM: Of course, CDs can't be beat for convenience, and we've got plenty of incredible stuff for you in those departments, too. Classical fans should be pleased to see how many more items we've got on the used wall, with more still to come. The jazz used walls are absolutely jam-packed right now, and we've ordered more shelving to fit the hundreds of other titles we've recently purchased. As for rock, soul, blues, and all the rest of your favorite styles, we continue to buy top quality titles every single day, so come on by and browse.

ITEM: Just a few of the upcoming releases some of us are excited about here at Euclid Records. Feb. 28: Lyle Lovett, Carolina Chocolate Drops, New Multitudes (by Jay Farrar, Anders Parker, Will Johnson, and Yim Yames), Amy Ray, and more. March 6: Bruce Springsteen, Todd Snider, Andrew Bird, Kaiser Chiefs, Magnetic Fields, Bill Frisell, White Rabbits, and more.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Best Sellers Week Ending Feb. 19

1. Adele - - 21
2. Adele - - 19
3. Black Keys - - El Camino
4. Gretchen Peters - - Hello Cruel World
5. Civil Wars - - Barton Hollow
6. Heartless Bastards - - Arrow
7. Darrell Scott - - Long Ride Home
8. Punch Brothers - - Who's Feeling Young Now?
9. Amos Lee - - As the Crow Flies
10. Kathleen Edwards - - Voyageur

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Euclid Happenings Feb. 15

As usual, things are happening around Euclid Records that you might want to know about. Feel free to share this with your friends. The best advertising is always word of mouth, you know.

ITEM: We're still processing the huge collection that Euclid Joe brought back from the East Coast a few weeks back. Jazz fans should be scouring the walls, as they are bursting with incredible CDs that we don't see every day. World music fans, we've been putting out more and more classic African, Brazilian, Latin, and other CDs, with lots more to go. Our classical CD section is now more than twice as large as it used to be, too. And it's not as though we've been ignoring the other genres, either. We're still buying used CDs, DVDs, and LPs all the time, and you can always find something to fit your musical palate in Euclid Records.

ITEM: As a result of the huge buy, we've been adding shelves and moving things around. Blues fans, don't worry - the used blues CD section has been shifted to a new set of shelves down at the end of one of the new rock aisles. Ask Neil, Steve, Jack, Jim, Ted, or Anna. They'll show you where your music is. The pop vocals got shifted to a new home on the wall at the end of the classical section (where the blues used to be). We're not nearly done, either, so if you can't find something where it's always been before, just ask.

ITEM: It's not too early to start getting pumped up about Record Store Day. April 21 is the date for this year's celebration of our beloved source of musical inspiration, the independently owned emporiums around the country which put the vinyl LPs and compact discs directly in the hands of those who love music of all sorts. We've been busy contacting bands for live performances, trying to put together a line-up that can live up to the past few years of excitement. And, of course, the record companies have been working up a selection of limited edition spectaculars, as well. We're only 65 days away from the party. Mark your calendars and watch this space for more information as it comes together.

ITEM: Congratulations to some of the records our Euclid customers have been buying over the last year or so. The big winners at the Grammy awards were Adele, Foo Fighters, Bon Iver, and Tony Bennett w/ Amy Winehouse. We're not saying we had any input, but these were all among the best sellers here for 2011. Grammy voters just might have been peeking at our charts, do you think?

ITEM: Some records we're excited about in the near future. Next Tuesday, Feb. 21, new releases from Sleigh Bells, Sinead O'Connor (reportedly her best ever), Galactic, Lambchop, Field Music, and lots more. Then, on Tuesday, Feb. 28, out come Lyle Lovett, the Cranberries, New Multitudes (the Woody Guthrie project by Jay Farrar, Will Johnson, Anders Parker, and Yim Yames), the Carolina Chocolate Drops, and more.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Best Sellers Week Ending Feb. 12

1. Leonard Cohen - - Old Ideas
2. Dr. Dog - - Be the Void
3. Van Halen - - A Different Kind of Truth
4. Little Willies - - For the Good Times
5. Sharon Van Etten - - Tramp
6. Cloud Nothings - - Attack Memory
7. Lana Del Rey - - Born to Die
8. Civil Wars - - Barton Hollow
9. Fucked Up - - David Comes to Life
10. Various Artists - - Chimes of Freedom: Songs of Bob Dylan

Monday, February 6, 2012

Best Sellers Week Ending Feb. 5

1. Leonard Cohen - - Old Ideas
2. Lana Del Rey - - Born To Die
3. Black Keys - - El Camino
4. Amy Winehouse - - Lioness: Hidden Treasures
6, Various Artists - - Chimes of Freedom: Songs of Bob Dylan
7. Dion - - Tank Full of blues
8. Mumford & Sons - - Sigh No More
9. Merle Haggard - - Working in Tennessee
10. Gotye - - Making Mirrors

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Euclid Happenings Feb. 1

We're really busy going getting all the goodies out to the floor for you to put in your hot little hands, but we've got some quick hits this week.

ITEM: Oh, my gosh! Did you see our own Sleepy Kitty profiled the other night on the Living St. Louis show on Channel 9? If not, you can watch it through the magic of the internet. Living St. Louis – Sleepy Kitty

ITEM: Who needs a movie or TV series to watch? Euclid Joe returned from the East Coast with something close to 1000 used DVDs, about half of which are out in the racks right now, with the rest to follow in the next few days. This is the collection of somebody who loved movies, so there are plenty of things you don't see every day. Stock up now for those nights when you're desperate; the movies you buy today will entertain you tomorrow!

ITEM: Also in that same truckload from out East, Euclid Joe delivered at least 3000 used CDs, mostly jazz and classical music. This means we'll be expanding our classical section over the next few weeks, and reinforcing our already-impressive jazz selection. We've already started putting out jazz this week, so get in here and start finding bargains on fantastic music. And keep coming back, as this stuff will take us a little while to process. Most of it is going straight to the used jazz walls, rather than the new arrival bins, as there is much more than we can fit upfront.

ITEM: You can look as cool as you feel by picking up t-shirts from Euclid Records. Of course, we've got our classic Euclid Records design, but there are also great band shirts, including Wilco, and the legendary St. Louis rockers the Welders. Just in this week, we've got shirts featuring Syd Barrett, Captain Beefheart, Johnny Cash, the Cramps, Miles Davis, the Doors, and Led Zeppelin.

ITEM: We've got Jim crawling on the floor right now making room for hundreds of incredible dollar records to be added to the bins over the next few days. Buy them for goofy covers, buy them to take a chance on something you've never heard, buy them because while they might (or might not) be a little scratchy, they contain music you can love at a price that you can afford.