Monday, October 31, 2011

Best Sellers Week Ending Oct. 30

1. Tom Waits - - Bad As Me
2. Mike Doughty - - Yes and Also Yes
3. John Prine - - The Singing Mailman Delivers
4. Coldplay - - Mylo Xyloto
5. Wilco - - The Whole Love
6. She & Him - - A Very She & Him Christmas
7. J.C. Brooks & the Uptown Sound - - Want More
8. Bjork - - Biophilia
9. Ryan Adams - - Ashes & Fire
10. M83 - - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Music Around the Web Pt. 10

Thanks to everybody who came out to catch Mike Doughty in the store yesterday afternoon. We recorded it for a future Euclid Sessions 7" single, but we'll give you a sneak listen to what it sounded like right now.

Here's a terrific interview with Tom Waits on the occasion of his brand new release, Bad As Me.

Rudy Van Gelder is unquestionably among the greatest studio engineers in the history of jazz recordings. Listening to him talk about the work he's done is absolutely fascinating.

Goodbye to the man who wrote "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye."

We got distracted by baseball and instores this past week, so we're tardy in sharing these great reviews of the Jay Farrar concert held last weekend.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Buffalo Killers to Perform Exclusive Euclid Records Concert

Euclid Records will be hosting the only St. Louis appearance of the Cincinnati, Ohio rock band Buffalo Killers at 5 pm on Wednesday, Nov. 9. Buffalo Killers will be on a Midwestern tour with the North Mississippi All-Stars, but there wasn’t a St. Louis date booked. With an open night between Chicago and Kansas City, the band called up Euclid Records (coincidentally at the very moment that store employees were listening to their latest album, “3”) and asked if they could do an in-store performance. Being no dummies, we immediately agreed to the idea. Euclid Records is located at 601 E. Lockwood in Webster Groves.

Buffalo Killers were formed in 2006 when brothers Andrew and Zachary Gabbard recruited their former bandmate in Thee Shams, Joseph Sebaali, to move away from the Rolling Stones-inspired garage rock and towards the Crazy Horse and James Gang stylings they play now. With Andrew on guitar and vocals, Zachary on bass and vocals, and Sebaali on drums, Buffalo Killers present an enticing stew of 70s rock that rolls and smokes on its own. They have released three albums: the debut, “Buffalo Killers,” the Dan Auerbach-produced “Let It Ride,” and the brand new “3.”

Between now and Nov. 9, Euclid Records will also be hosting in-store performances by Ume on Thursday, Oct. 27 at 5 pm, by St. Louis’s own Salt of the Earth on Saturday, Oct. 29 at 2 pm, and by Mike Doughty on Saturday, Oct. 29 at 6 pm.

For more information, just call us at 314-961-8978.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Best Sellers Week Ending Oct. 23

1. Real Estate - - Days
2. Wilco - - The Whole Love
3. Jayhawks - - Mockingbird Time
4. Blind Eyes - - With a Bang
5. Shelby Lynne - - Revelation Road
6. Ryan Adams - - Ashes & Fire
7. Chris Isaak - - Beyond the Sun
8. Dum Dum Girls - - Only in Dreams
9. Beirut - - Riptide
10. Red Hot Chili Peppers - - I'm With You

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Music Around the Web Pt. 9

Today is the day we have the JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound 7" Euclid Sessions record. You best believe it's great!

We're still a week away from the new Tom Waits record hitting the store, but until then, we can consider this little snippet of interview conducted by former St. Louisan Randall Roberts.

Can't get enough Wilco? Neither can we. Here's a nice and slightly unusual live performance over at NPR.

The biggest new release this week is All Things Will Unwind by My Brightest Diamond. Here's a rave review to put you in the mood.

We can't embed it, but we think it's worth the click-through to check out this video promoting the new Chris Isaak album, Beyond the Sun.

Our own Steve Pick shares his thoughts on the new Shelby Lynne record, Revelation Road.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Best Sellers Week Ending Oct. 16

1. Ryan Adams - - Ashes & Fire
2. Wilco - - The Whole Love
3. Peter Gabriel - - New Blood
4. Sleepy Kitty - - Infinity City
5. Jayhawks - - Mockingbird Time
6. Joe Henry - - Reverie
7. Bjork - - Biophilia
8. Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton - - Play the Blues
9. Red Hot Chili Peppers - - I'm With You
10. Feist - - Metals

Friday, October 14, 2011

Music Around the Web Pt. 8

Some of you may be lucky enough to have tickets to the sold-out show at the Duck Room tomorrow night for Matthew Sweet. Others may just be enjoying the new album, Modern Art. Either way, or if you're just a long-time fan, this new interview conducted by regular customer Scott Allen over at the KDHX blog is a great read.

And here's a nice interview with our one-time customer DJ Shadow.

Here's a fun little group of pictures of jazz players with Presidents.

How about an hour-long Husker Du concert from London in 1985? Happy birthday, Bob Mould - he'll be 51 on Sunday.

For Cardinals fans.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Salt of the Earth to Perform In-Store Oct. 29

Euclid Records is pleased to be participating along with over 40 other Webster Groves retail outlets, restaurants, and cultural institutions in the first Art on the Town event. As part of the day-long celebration of the arts throughout Webster, Euclid Records will be hosting a live performance by the St. Louis roots group Salt of the Earth from 2 to 3 pm on Saturday, Oct. 29. Euclid Records is located at 601 E. Lockwood.

Salt of the Earth formed in 2003 after vocalist/rhythm guitarist/songwriter Lynn Reif and bassist Mike Schrand had spent many years performing in the band Belle Starr. Along with Jake Brookman and Jim Hieger on a variety of stringed instruments, Reif and Schrand have developed quite an intriguing interplay in this group. Salt of the Earth has performed at many of the top venues in St. Louis, including a recent headlining show at the Sheldon. They have released three CDs, “Against the Muse,” “These New Days,” and “So Sing To Me.”

Art on the Town is an exciting event organized by the Webster Community Arts Foundation. It features outstanding live performances by classical, jazz, blues, folk, and gospel musicians, as well as artist demonstrations, dance and drama performances at over 40 locations in the Webster Groves area. A full schedule of events is here.

Euclid Records will also be highlighting our collection of spectacular silk-screened concert posters, designed by leading artists around the country.

Later that same afternoon, Euclid Records will also feature an in-store performance by Mike Doughty at 6 pm.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Music Around the Web Pt. 7

There were at least four Euclid Records folks loving the Bangles concert the other night at the Pageant. We just loved it. And now there's this incredible interview with Susanna Hoffs covering her entire career. This is so long there's no time to put another link up today, but Bangles fans, enjoy!

JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound Deliver Euclid Sessions 7"

It’s been almost a year, and people are still buzzing about the incredible live performance delivered last November by the great modern soul band JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound in Euclid Records. On Oct. 20, two of the songs recorded that afternoon will be released on a live 7” single as the latest from the Euclid Sessions series. The a-side is “Berry Please,” their scorching imagination of the way it was in Detroit back in the early 60s, when being noticed by Motown Records honcho Berry Gordy was the first step towards stardom. For the b-side, the band has chosen “Want,” a song they haven’t released anywhere else.

Since 2007, JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound have been roaring out of Chicago, taking cues from both the soul records that so obviously inspired them and the aggression and invention of modern indie rock. Fronted by the human dynamo that is JC Brooks, the Uptown Sound deliver knock-out grooves emphasizing the rhythm aspect of r’n’b. Their first album, “Beat of Our Own Drum,” appeared in 2009, and featured the original recording of “Berry Please.” On Oct. 24, they will release their second album, “Want More,” on the Bloodshot Records label. It includes their blistering cover of Wilco’s “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart,” originally released as the b-side of a 7” single last year.

The cover for this new single is a gorgeous silk screened original work signed and numbered by the very talented Scott Williams. It can be seen at

This 12th release in the Euclid Sessions series is, like all the others, strictly limited to only 300 copies. Because of the limited run, we will sell only one copy per customer. $1 for each one pressed is donated to the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund (NOMRF) to benefit musicians displaced or suffering loss of equipment in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Best Sellers Week Ending Oct. 9

1. Wilco - - The Whole Love
2. Sleepy Kitty - - Infinity City
3. Feist - - Metals
4. Troubadour Dali - - Let's Make It Right
5. Pink Floyd - - Dark Side of the Moon
6. Jayhawks - - Mockingbird Time
7. Painkillers - - Painkillers
8. Bangles - - Sweetheart of the Sun
9. Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton - - Play the Blues
10. We Were Promised Jet Packs - - In the Pit of the Stomach

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ume to Play Live at Euclid Records Oct. 27

Get ready for Euclid Records to get all loud and furious when Ume plays an in-store on Thursday, Oct. 27 at 5 pm. The Austin, TX band Ume (pronounced “ooo-may”) was the breakout group to play Loufest this past August, and they wanted to get back to our fair city as fast as possible. Ume’s music has been described as “beautifully dissonant” and “haunting but never gloomy.” We say they are just plenty cool.

Ume is a three-piece band fronted by singer/guitarist Lauren Larson, with her husband Eric Larson on bass, and Rachel Fuhrer on drums. They have released two full-length albums and an EP since their debut in 2005. Their latest album, “Phantoms,” just came out a few weeks ago to rave reviews. To quote the Austin American-Statesman: “What "Phantoms" does is take all that fury and lay it on wax with lots of moody atmospherics, keyboards and lyrical vulnerability that gets sacrificed in the abandon of the band's live shows.”

Ume will also be playing at the Firebird later that night.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Portrait Of A Dead Nightclub: Turners Hall

By Tim Jamison

A virtual remembrance of the local music venues that today only exist in our collective memories

Turners Hall at 20th and Salisbury was another in a long line of random places that local promoter John Green scouted out and used for punk rock shows. While there are plenty of detractors of John Green I think it has to be said that without him the scene could very well have dried up for lack of viable venues. I of course use the word viable here loosely.

Turners Hall was what was left of the North St. Louis Turnverein, a German gymnastic society. It was run by a woman named Dorothy that ran a deli there as well on the first floor. I don’t know exactly how it came to be that John Green found this site. My guess is he was driving around in run down neighborhoods looking for another venue to use for shows. The room was on the second floor so hauling gear in and out was a total drag but since this was an old ballroom it had a nice big stage and dressing rooms on either side backstage. It sounds really classy, it wasn’t.

White Suburban Youth at Turners Hall

The first shows I remember there were Toxic Reasons, Necros and Circle Jerks. They were within weeks of one another in the fall of 1985. This would have been after the final fiasco with another girl’s bathroom at the Victory Center in October of 1985, which cost the scene another venue. After the start of 1986 there was a succession of shows at Turners with COC, St. Vitas, The Brood, DRI, Blast and The Boneless Ones. This was also the site of the first Dead Milkmen show in St. Louis before their big hit MTV song. I think they might have had twenty or so people at that show. In the first half of 1986 my first band White Suburban Youth opened several of these shows including the last WSY show with Naked Raygun in April of that year. Over the spring and summer of 1986 Turners had JFA, Descendents, Beefeater, MDC, Doggy Style and the last Black Flag tour. Ultraman pretty much played all of these shows too.

Dread Finks at Turners Hall

I guess the most memorable event was the giant brawl in the street after the Descendents show. Every show though had at least some level of violence with the locals that didn’t appreciate a bunch of freaks invading their neighborhood. Unlike the Bernard where you risked getting mugged for cash these kids would just jump people to beat the crap out of them and nothing else.

Turners finally came to an end in November of 1986 during the Raw Power/Dayglo Abortions show. After all the fights and problems I guess the cops had finally had it and shut the show down about four songs into Raw Powers set. So it lasted just about year, which in punk rock time was pretty long.

Turner's Hall In 2011

View Larger Map

Here's a link to a great batch of photos posted by Lo-Fi STL several years ago:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mike Doughty to Appear Live at Euclid Records Oct. 29

Mike Doughty, who has spent the better part of 20 years winning fans to his constantly evolving but always engaging brand of rock, will perform a free concert at 6 pm, Saturday, Oct. 29 at Euclid Records. Doughty will be appearing later that evening at the Old Rock House. He will be accompanied for the in-store by cellist Andrew “Scrap” Livingston, from his band, so we can expect a more intimate and more unusual performance from Doughty. Euclid Records is located at 601 E. Lockwood in Webster Groves, MO, 63119.

Doughty was the frontman of Soul Coughing, a band that gained visibility in the 90s as part of the alternative rock explosion of that decade, but which never really sounded like part of the trend. With an eclectic batch of influences ranging from pop to hip-hop to electronic music, Soul Coughing couldn’t break through in a big way, and eventually broke up in 2000. From that point on, Doughty has released half a dozen albums and established a niche among fans of intelligent, catchy, and slightly unpredictable independent rock. His latest album, “Yes and Also Yes,” has been among Euclid Record’s best sellers since its release Aug. 30.

This will be the latest in the Euclid Sessions series of live recordings at Euclid Records to be followed by the release of a 45-rpm limited edition single from the performance. Each release will be strictly limited to 300 copies, and $1 for each one pressed will be donated to the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund (NOMRF) to benefit musicians displaced or suffering loss of equipment in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

All the Euclid Sessions 45s are released in exquisite packaging with the back sleeve designed by Firecracker Press, a terrific graphic and letterpress printshop here in St. Louis. The front covers are unique 7 x 7" prints, signed and numbered by various graphic artists such as Gary Houston, Guy Burwell, and more, suitable for framing or keeping as a front cover to each single.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Best Sellers Week Ending Oct. 1

1. Wilco - - The Whole Love
2. Jayhawks - - Mockingbird Time
3. Bangles - - Sweetheart of the Sun
4. Nick Lowe - - The Old Magic
5. Pink Floyd - - Dark Side of the Moon (Experience Edition)
6. Blitzen Trapper - - American Goldwing
7. Dum Dum Girls - - Only In Dreams
8. Girls - - Father, Son, Holy Ghost
9. Keb' Mo' - - Reflection
10. Bottle Rockets - - Not So Loud

Music Around the Web Pt. 7

One of the most fascinating interviews we've ever read with any musician, and it's even better because it's with Nick Lowe.

We're not sure how long this will be up on NPR, but here's your first listen to the new David Murray Cuban Ensemble tribute to Nat King Cole en Espanol.

You gotta love a good curmudgeonly complaint piece, especially when it's from DJ Shadow, a long-time fave of some of us around here. However, we seem to recall the DJ spent some time shopping in Euclid Records once, and that means there's at least one record store that does what he would like, selling old records and new stuff side by side.

One of our favorite St. Louis bands, the Blind Eyes, has just added a second guitarist. Cool.

Here's some footage of our own Troubadour Dali playing at the Gazebo-A-Go-Go the other night.