Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Mac a Day - the Day After

by Steve Pick
photos by Jim Varvaris

You know, in this biz, you get to meet a lot of the people who make the records you enjoy, and you understand that musicians are just regular folks like you and me. But darned if I wasn't just a little bit overwhelmed by the fact that I was standing just a few feet away from Ian McLagan, one of the greatest keyboardists in rock history, and a man who has spent 45 years contributing to records great and small. Goosebumps, I tell you.

On stage, though, he was just an enormously talented guy singing songs which he's written, and which carry forth the legacy of the musicians he grew up loving and the musicians he grew older playing with. Concentrating mostly on songs from his latest (and most critically acclaimed) solo album Never Say Never, McLagan demonstrated his melodic gifts both as a pianist and as a singer. The man just never settles for the obvious or the cliched.

And of course, he ended the show with a delightful nod to history, a version of the Faces classic "Glad and Sorry" written by his late friend and long-time bassist Ronnie Lane. As he said, "if you sing Ronnie's songs, it keeps him alive" and that is as noble a way to carry on the work of a dear friend as you can name. Here's what that one sounded like.


Dana Smith said...

thanks for posting the audio.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful version of 'Glad & Sorry.' Our special thanks to Joe Schwab and the team at Euclid Records. Looking forward to the 45 series!


(Ian McLagan's manager)

Lynney said...

P.S. Thanks to Steve & Jim for the great review and pics! :-)