Thursday, February 21, 2008

Belinda Carlisle Was My Elvis Presley

By Jen Eide

Even though the writer’s strike is over, there’s not much to watch right now, save the new episodes of Medium on Monday nights and Tina Fey’s upcoming appearance this weekend on Saturday Night Live. I love what Fey said in her acceptance speech for the Screen Actors Guild Award: “Thank you so much for considering me an actor.”

I’ve been wasting a lot of time on YouTube lately and realized how much I love those early videos that aired on MTV which had no budget, no plot, and were quite likely shot on film. I can’t imagine anyone in this day and age releasing performance footage interspersed with girls driving through LA in a car and then dancing in a fountain, but it was a lot of fun to watch in the early 1980’s video for the Go-Go’s "Our Lips Are Sealed." I also stumbled across the two videos from the Go-Go’s 1984 release Talk Show (apparently now out of print, though the good stuff is still available on any of their Greatest Hits packages). Here’s the video for the first single, "Head Over Heels."

Three great things about this song:
*Belinda Carlisle really delivers on the vocal.
*Kathy Valentine’s rock solid bass guitar break just before they head into the chorus.
*The best use of a handclap ever.

Three things they probably regret about this video:
*Belinda and Jane’s matching Flashdance style sweatshirts.
*Charlotte Caffey’s, well, quite atrocious mall hair made much, much worse by the accompanying eye makeup.
*Drummer Gina Schock’s shirt. I know it was the 80’s and all, but damn, even Goodwill wouldn’t put that thing out on the floor.

This is the video for the second single, "Turn To You."

I don’t remember ever seeing this video when it was released--I am quite sure the cross dressing would have caught my attention. Belinda sure looks cute with a pompadour and wearing a suit, plus you may notice Rob Lowe—as the prom date—underneath all that makeup.

Ultimately, the main reason for posting these videos may have been so that you would have an excuse to ask Steve about the time in the early 80’s when he was backstage interviewing the Go-Go’s and they threatened to tie him up and take him to Chicago with them. Dude, you could have been in one of their raunchy tour bus videos and be reliving it from time to time on VH1!

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Anonymous said...

Nicely done - and funny too! I love those songs and haven't seen those videos in years. How I miss those 80's mtv years. The Go-Go's really rocked on those songs. Turn it up!