Saturday, January 19, 2008

Some Links Worth Reading

By Steve Pick

I've been reading this guy's great blog for weeks, but I don't know who writes Quiet Bubble. His take on Yuka Honda makes me want to hear her, and I never wanted to do that before.

Maybe you were looking forward to catching Marah, either at the Duck Room here in St. Louis or anywhere else on their tour in support of the excellent new record, "Angels of Destruction," out on Yep Roc. Won't be happening, and Davie Bielenko tells you why, sort of, in this open letter on his band's MySpace page.

The Internet is littered with reviews of Todd Haynes new pseudo-biopic of Bob Dylan, "I'm Not There." This is one of them, far from glowing and yet filled with interesting points.

Just in case you were wondering what the younger set of rock critics were saying en masse this year, the second annual Idolator poll results have been posted.

If you like music, and I'm guessing you do, and you don't read and listen to the music posted on Boogie Woogie Flu, the best damn music blog I know, well, I can't help you further. Especially if you don't go there after I just told you how great it is.


Bored Fan said...

The Idolator list looks more like "1144 records released in 2007 arranged top to bottom from less musical to more musical" than any kind of poll.

These things have kind of seen their day, haven't they?

Eric said...

The Yuka Honda solo stuff is pretty great. I used to go driving around St. Louis at night shooting photos with "Memories Are My Only Witness" in the background. Always kind of sweeping, and at times, sounds like it could've come out of the score for some independent film. Sometimes, it can toe dangerously close to sounding new age-y, but generally a great album. I'd probably recommend it over the catchy but more uneven "Eucademix."

I guess I see the guy's point with Cibo Matto. They still made some funky, catchy songs, though.

Steve Pick said...

Bored Fan! I haven't heard from you since 1979. And, yeah, the list did nothing for me. I was going to vote in that poll, but never got around to it. I think my votes would have moved some of the records below number 19 up a notch or two, but not enough to make a real difference.

Eric, I was never impressed with Cibo Matto myself, but I definitely intend to check out Yuka Hondo one of these fine days.